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20 years ago I walked up the road to a crèche that just opened in our church hall, I totally fell in love with everything about the school, the children and the parents. I could not stay away from the school. Every day after school I would finish my homework and walk up the road to assist in the classrooms. During December 1997 I was well on my way in becoming a teacher, even at the young age of 13!

From there I worked with a special needs boy with Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, and after matric went overseas to work with a girl with Rett Syndrome which is a neurological degenerative disease accompanied with life threatening seizures and breathing restrictions. Sadly they both passed away recently. I am a certified Home Health Carer which is beneficial for children and the elderly. I tried to work in the corporate sector, but my heart always took me back to children.

I did a year course in Modern Montessori which gave me a fundamentally new look into the function and development of the brain, even from birth. (We will use a number of basic Montessori principles and apparatus in everyday learning for example respect toward our peers and respecting their space and learning opportunities). I have done a course in Child Resuscitation and have updated my First Aid Level 1 & 2 to ensure your precious little one is in good, save hands. I am part of the Department of Social Services’ Learning academy and do their courses from time to time. We are in the process of registering Cuddles Daycare with the department of Education. Our school is Christian based, but other religions are also welcome. We respect every child as a individual and will always be cared for with utmost care and love, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

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